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RCE Engineering Services

Renewable Energy


We believe renewable energy is the way of the future, however, there is not a one size fits all solution. The optimal operating conditions, costs, and ROI for solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, tidal, biomass, and waste-to-energy vary significantly from region to region. We will help you identify which renewable energy solutions are most suitable and economical for your project taking into consideration existing infrastructure, resources, location, available incentives, and regulations.


Energy Savings & Carbon Reduction


Global efforts to reduce greenhouse gasses has led to environmental regulations including new green building codes, air quality standards, and the decarbonization and electrification of transportation and entire cities all to reduce carbon emissions. Consequentially, energy prices are rising causing many businesses and communities to look for ways to reduce energy consumption and incorporate new forms of energy production. 

There are often steps which a government or business operation can take to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions to meet new regulations which also have an attractive ROI. Our "reduce before you produce" mentality allows us to work with existing equipment and processes as much as possible to minimize project costs. We will analyze your operation for cost saving opportunities as a Phase 1 effort while building a longer term program to work on together. We may also collaborate on studying and securing local, state, and federal grants and rebates for qualifying projects.

Net-Zero Emissions


A worldwide movement to transition away from fossil fuels towards renewables to achieve net-zero carbon emissions is well underway. What does this mean for your business or your community? Work with us to analyze, design, and implement solutions to meet regulatory compliance and remain economically competitive while taking steps to achieve a net-zero emissions status.

Alternative Fuels


To obtain net-zero emission targets, significant innovation and investment into new transportation infrastructure is on the horizon. We specialize in the production of alternative transportation fuels including green hydrogen for fleet vehicles and renewable JP8 and other liquid fuels.


Waste Management & Recycling


We do not collect garbage or recycling but we know everything to do with it once it gets to where it's going. Our design team understands waste handling & sorting, recycling, and finding value from everyday waste streams and will develop a solution for you to maximize efficiency and use of space.


Water Reclamation & Reduction


Water has become a scarce resource in large portions of the world. Solving the complex supply and demand challenges of water calls for innovative thinking and smart engineering. Protecting existing water sources, reducing water consumption, and returning clean water is a top priority for every RCE project. RCE's water reclamation team specializes in the use of anaerobic digesters, gasifiers, biological treatment, and chemical treatment of sewage and sewage sludge.

Plant Design, Retrofits, Operation & Training

A successful greenfield or retrofit project begins with a thorough design and an in-depth knowledge of equipment and processes. We take an equipment agnostic approach to plant design and implement the most suitable equipment for each different scenario. RCE offers multi-site energy conservation programs, project management, employee training, and staff augmentation to execute renewable energy programs and projects.


Technology Development

We continually seek out and evaluate innovative solutions to environmental issues. RCE is currently helping develop a plasma gasification system. As circumstances permit, we may assist in helping emerging clean technologies make it to market.

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