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What is The Paris Agreement?

In 2015, a legally binding international treaty on climate change called The Paris Agreement set the stage for new standards across the globe to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Per the treaty, this will be achieved through an ambitious five year incremental cycle in which goals are reached through social and economic transformation.

Through this process, 196 parties, including the United States (which rejoined The Paris Agreement in February 2021), will submit climate action plans called Nationally Determined Contributions. These NDCs will indicate the goals and steps each country will take to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by specific future dates. The Paris Agreement further assists in the process by providing guidance that outlines potential steps for achieving new building standards, implementing wind and solar energy, capacity building for countries who need additional support with their climate change goals, a technological framework, and climate-related finance adaptations.

Last month, the Biden Administration pledged to cut current U.S. greenhouse emissions in half by 2030. To achieve this, clean energy investments and general public interest will need to increase. While these changes will impact the economy in time by creating millions of jobs in the clean energy sector, the immediate changes may feel daunting to leaders working at industrial and community levels. Change will be necessary through simultaneous participation across all economic industries, federal and local governments, school districts, healthcare facilities, and local businesses to reach our national goal.

RCE Has The Solution To Achieving Net Zero Emissions

Really Clean Energy is ready to assist businesses and communities to achieve their net-zero emission goals by conserving energy, reducing carbon emissions, and converting waste into renewable energy. Our team of engineers will work with your business every step of the way to guide you through achievable solutions to meet these new regulations while creating a plan to minimize cost and maximize community impact. To learn more about what RCE could do for you, click here.

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