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Really Clean Energy exists to serve others and to solve environmental issues around the globe. RCE is more than just a company. RCE represents a community of people dedicated to improving environmental practices to save and improve lives today and leave a cleaner planet for tomorrow.

As a company, we prosper by doing good for others and for the planet. This is not a conventional business model. As such, RCE is not a conventional company. We are designing a company based not on the way traditional businesses function today but rather on the way a company will operate in the future leveraging technology and tapping into the most brilliant minds around the world. 

  1. Think big and solve big problems. What problems would you solve if you had a vehicle to do so? Would you eliminate burn pits and landfills? Would you provide clean water and power to a remote village? Would you clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Would you help build a sustainable colony in space? We don't just sell equipment. We improve lives by eliminating waste and providing communities with renewable energy, clean water, and much more. 

  2. Flexible work schedule. We understand spinning plates as an employee, parent, student, entrepreneur, volunteer, etc. We understand that some people work better in the morning while others have incredible creative streaks at night. We are a disciplined high-performing team with deadlines to meet but hard work comes with big rewards including flexibility in schedule and work location.

  3. Creative environment. We both expect and nurture creativity in the workplace. We encourage employees to work on your inventions, ideas, or projects. If your idea is successful, we will help you get it to market.

  4. Personal growth. Really Clean Energy was founded by dreamers and entrepreneurs. We recognize that having brilliant employees means some may dream of starting their own business or achieving something great inside or outside our company.  We will help you achieve your goals by providing training, mentorship, and opportunities for growth and leadership development.

  5. Profitability and stability. The time has never been better for innovative renewable energy companies to bring their solutions to the market. As the company prospers, we share the rewards of our collective hard work by treating and compensating our employees well and providing incentives such as performance bonuses, extra PTO, travel, and of course - great coffee.

  6. Passionate and fun. We wish to recruit people who are passionate about helping others by tackling their environmental and energy challenges with genuine enthusiasm and excitement.

  7. Diverse and culturally aware. Talent and character are what matters most in our hiring process. We seek out the best minds and the highest quality of individuals. We celebrate our cultural differences and respect personal beliefs.

  8. Social responsibility. We believe that those who can do something should. We seek to apply our knowledge and skills to solve big problems and reverse the environmental and social damage caused by poor environmental policies and practices.


If improving the world excites you then join us and see what kinds of problems we can solve together!​


We are hiring for the following positions:

Please check back for opportunities. 

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